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Friends of Sandy Lake is a non-profit group that promotes and supports a number of activities to improve the social life in the community and help preserve the lake as a recreational area for all to enjoy.


The playground project is in the fundraising stage.  At this time, approximately $5,000 has been raised and an application to the Coop's Community Spaces Program has been submitted.  For more information, contact Teresa Chapin.

A tentative design for the playground is shown to the right and more detail is available at the link below.

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In order to protect Sandy Lake and other lakes in the municipality from the threat of an AIS invasion and in particular Zebra Mussels, Friends of Sandy Lake formed an AIS committee at their August 2017 meeting.  The committee made recommendations at the September 2017 meeting and was given the green light to work with the municipality and the provincial government to better protect the lakes in our area.

In order to apply for grants and hire summer students the committee formed a not-for-profit company July 2018 named "Sandy Lake Water Protection Working Group Inc." 

In 2018, the Working Group:

  1. Constructed an off-grid Watercraft Inspection Office at the Main Street boat launch

  2. Installed Lockable gates at three public locations where trailered watercraft could be launched, redirecting them to the Main Street boat launch where they could be inspected.

  3. Inspected watercraft at the main street dboat launch. (4 high risk watercraft were sent to RMNP to be decontaminated.)

In 2019 the Working Group has:

  1. Submitted applications to the provincial and federal summer employment programs.

  2. Submitted a request to the Municipality to help with costs not covered by these applications.

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We have created a project to improve the water quality of Sandy Lake and in the process develop a document to assist other communities that are facing similar water quality issues. 

This is a 2 year project with a budget of $120,000. 

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