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August 6, 2017


The meeting was called to order by Betty Braun, A motion to adopt the minutes as circulated was made by Teresa Chaplin, seconded by Marlene Van Mulligan.


The Treasurer’s report was presented by Linda Lewandoski on behalf of Shelly Zawislak. Total in the Friends of Sandy Lake bank account is $20,625.63. Cheq account balance is $15,527.11. Plan 24 Balance 3475.52, Country Kitchen Balance 1589.31, Surplus Share $33.69. The motion to accept Treasurer’s report was from Linda Lewandoski and seconded by Marlene Van Mulligan. Motion CARRIED


Lloyd Ewashko reported on the current water quality of the lake, and fielded questions on the "golf course road" water expansion, the current lake level and it's projected level. He mentioned / confirmed plans for the lake drain system. Lloyd mentioned that a marker will be installed to monitor the level of the lake.


An update was presented by Victor Kowall on the installation of the signs at main boat launch, west boat launch, along Lake Street and main highways entering into Sandy Lake. He thanked all of the volunteers that assisted in the installation and to the people who provide material for installation of the signs.

Doreen Stapleton reported on the Aug 3, Zebra Mussels meeting. Doreen recommends supporting the Biosphere Reserve.


Chub Lewandoski provided an update on Western Days. They are looking for volunteers and if anyone has any new ideas to let him know. It would be appreciated.


Doug Wotton reported that the breakfast is “good to go” and showed the new pancake making tool that has been purchased.


Teresa Chaplin reported that she has been in contact with playground supplier and looking to make a presentation to the RM.

George Rush who was involved in the Lions Playground noted that when it was built, the cost was $60,000 and noted that the playground is open to all to use.


Halloween at the lake is on Sept 2.


  • Lou Van Mulligan teaches Pickle ball lessons with help from Mr & Mrs Plaxton.  Generated $400 for Rec Centre.  $5 one time drop in fee or $30 for season.  He thanked Friends of Sandy Lake for the seed money.

  • It was suggested that the main dock needs more tie downs.

  • Lloyd Ewashko reminded everyone about boat safety.  spoke about the Biosphere awareness

  • Boat trailer parking questions rose again.

  • Jim Irwin, chair of the Riding Mountain Biosphere did a presentation. commented on the good job we have done on signage and education of Zebra Mussels commented on a decontamination station Spoke about Gull Lake website:

  • Zebra Mussel committee formed with Daryl Kines, Sherilyn Millenchuk, Victor Kowal , Bill Karlson, Mark Wahoski 

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned by Darcy Wahoski and seconded by Doug Wotton. Next meeting will be Sunday Sept 3, 2017 at 11:00 am at the Drop-In Centre.

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