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July 2, 2017


The meeting was called to order by Betty Braun. A motion to adopt the minutes as circulated was made by Linda Lewandoski; seconded by Joyce Foster. CARRIED


The Treasurer’s report was presented by Linda Lewandoski on behalf Shelly Zawislak. Total in the Friends of Sandy Lake bank account is $20,446.57. Our chequing account balance is $16,349.82.

There was a deposit of $1000.00 from the RM. The country kitchen account holds $588.41 after paying $676.87 for a fridge, and $3.13 interest. $3474.65 in our Plan 24 with a surplus share of $33.69. Motion to accept Treasurers report from Linda Lewandoski, seconded by Marlene Van Mulligan. CARRIED


The license has gone forward from Water Stewardship to install a pipe system drain.

Dust control is 70% done throughout the municipality and the last of the gravelling is being done.


Information presented by Victor Kowall and Mark Wahoski. Signs with volunteer phone numbers to call before launching your boat will be installed at the boat launch, and will in the future be installed at all waterways in the municipality.


Western Days Committee requests a donation of $700 to put towards the fireworks this year. It is $200 more than previous years due to the Canada 150 celebrations and the offset the rising costs of fireworks. Doug Wotton made motion to donate $700 to the Western Days Committee. Seconded by Bill Stasiuk. CARRIED

Western Days is looking for volunteers. Contact Chuck Lewandoski 204-585-2636 or the Administration Office of RM of Harrison-Park 204-848-7614 or Doug Wotton 204-585-2682.


The country kitchen will be getting new siding.


Teresa Chapin is looking into what kind of equipment we should be looking at and will be contacting other community committees in Sandy Lake to discuss.


Marlene Van Mulligan is requesting $2000 to start Pickle Ball at the rec centre. The funds will go towards the initial purchase of equipment. There will be a small charge to use the courts and all proceeds will go to the Sandy Lake Rec Centre. Motion by Doug Wotton to donate $2000 towards the start up of Pickle Ball. Seconded by Ross Foster. CARRIED.


The pier project committee is asking for a donation to help further the project. Bruce Hargraves moves to donate $5000 to the pier project. Seconded by Doug Wotton. CARRIED

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned. Next meeting will be held Sunday August 6, 2017 11:00am at the Drop-In Centre.

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